Markets We Serve

  • Wet cement coming out of a machine


    For more than 50 years, contractors around the world have relied on the Sonotube庐 brand of fiber forms for cost-effective column form setting.

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  • Paper roll on a machine

    Paper Mill

    Sonoco offers a line of products and services for printing and writing, newsprint, tissue, paperboard, pulp, nonwoven and specialty grades of paper.

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  • Film stretched over a rolling machine


    Cores designed for winding or unwinding films, foils or other demanding products.

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  • Multiple rolls of toilet paper

    Tissue & Towel

    We offer optimized spiral winding tube performance, customized paper grades and a large portfolio tailored to 1-, 2- and multi-ply applications.

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  • Dozens of spools of thread, of various colors, sitting together


    Delivering high-value packaging and services to the textile industry for over 115 years.

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  • Rolls of tape wrapped around cardboard tubes

    Tape & Label

    Sonoco offers high-performance cores designed for demanding tape and label manufacturers.

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  • Thick red material drips from a container


    Our packaging fits your needs for improved storage and dispensing of ink, cosmetics, paint colorants and other high-value, high-viscosity liquids.

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  • Film


    Waste not, want not.

    Cores designed for winding or unwinding films, foils or other expensive products.

    Interested in minimizing waste?

    Sonoco's fiber and plastic high-performance film cores feature a range of surface qualities and characteristics designed to minimize surface markings and improve winding and unwinding characteristics, optimizing performance. As winding speeds increase, our expertly designed cores dissipate radial pressures, protect internal diameter integrity and reduce core length growth, helping manufacturers improve manufacturing processes and reduce costs from waste.

  • Tape & Label

    Tape & Label

    High Quality. High Visibility.

    Sonoco offers more than cores designed for tape and label manufacturers.

    Sonoco鈥檚 total systems approach includes a needs assessment by our packaging specialists; testing and quality assurance, where cores are tested repeatedly for dimensional consistency and wall strength; personalization for additional visibility of your company name and logo; and service after the sale, where technical specialists work to troubleshoot potential problems.

    Superior manufacturing processes and graphics ensure that our cores also offer the highest in quality, performing under the toughest packaging demands.

  • Textiles


    Quality & performance are a part of our fabric.

    Delivering high-value packaging and services to the textile industry for over 115 years.

    As the leading supplier to the textile industry since our beginning in 1899, Sonoco continues our commitment to making tubes and cores for carpet, carpet yarn, cloth, draw-textured yarn and fiber production.

    With innovative new products and process innovations, we have earned a reputation as the leading high-value packaging and services provider to the textile industry.聽

    We engineer and produce the highest quality tubes for the production, storage, distribution and end-use of textiles. Our textile tubes are engineered to meet customer demands for consistency, performance, value and today鈥檚 faster winding speeds. We can also improve the efficiency of customer systems with features such as special surface treatments, grooves and notches.


    Our textile cores can help to increase productivity/capacity, decrease opportunity cost and create additional production, and decrease labor costs overall.

  • Construction


    Sonotube庐 concrete forms stand strong as the most economical way to create round columns for buildings, entryways, structural columns, light posts and other commercial and residential structures. Our Sonotube suite of tubes and cores are rounded out with Sonotube Finish Free庐 concrete tubes, which produce exceptionally smooth columns that require no manual finishing, and Builder鈥檚 Tubes庐, versatile and easy-to-use tubes perfect for the do-it-yourselfer working on projects like decks and fences.


  • Plastic

    Plastic Tubes & Cores

    Film Tubes and Cores

    Many of our customers rely on us for the plastic cores that protect their investments in delicate, sensitive films. Manufactured from durable, stable plastics, including polypropylene, styrene, ethylene and ABS, our QS庐 2000 high-end film cores are designed to deliver a greater array of product protection and packaging benefits, including:

    • Dust-free, moisture-free performance in clean environments
    • Customer-specified lengths and winding speeds
    • Superior crush resistance
    • Excellent TIR control
    • Minimum quality variation
    • Exceptional surface smoothness
    • Reuse and reclamation

    For more information, call 864-968-3168 or email us.

    Tape Cores and Tubes

    No matter what type of tape you produce, our extruded plastic tape cores provide superior dimensional tolerance and stability, as well as the release characteristics you need. Choose from polyethylene or polystyrene in lengths cut to your specifications.

    Textiles: Yarn Carriers

    Sonoco is a worldwide known manufacturer of textile plastic carriers. With more than 45 years of experience, we are a reliable supplier and partner for the textile world. We offer a broad range of textile plastic carriers according to DIN ISO 368, and follow machine manufacturer specifications. All carriers are produced of high-quality plastics with tight tolerance and are engineered to meet requirements for high-speed winding.

    Enduring Strength

    Sonoco makes extruded plastic cores and tubes for customers who need the strength, durability and dimensional consistency that plastic can provide.

    You鈥檒l find that our high-value cores and tubes, manufactured for applications in more than 30 markets, offer excellent options for packaging, protection and reuse.聽

Paper Mill

Setting the standard for paper mill packaging performance.

Sonoco provides a complete line of quality products and services tailored specifically to the exacting needs of printing and writing, newsprint, tissue, paperboard (bleached and unbleached), pulp, nonwoven and specialty grades of paper.

See Our Paper Mill Solutions

T2 Technology Enhanced Cores

Why live with the downtime and scrap of core chewout if you don鈥檛 have to? Our new T2 technology enhanced cores protect against:

鈥 Loss of Productivity

鈥 High scrap

鈥 Safety issues

鈥 Machine downtime

鈥 Profit loss

Learn more.



Now more than ever, professionals responsible for saving costs and improving outcomes in printing processes, cosmetics and paint colorants need brighter ideas for storing and dispensing ink and other flowable products.聽Flowable products from Sonoco offer you more convenience, cost savings and better performance, hands down.

See Flowables


Much of the paperboard used to make Sonoco's fiber cores is from used tubes and cores recovered from customers, and is 100% recyclable.


With our Intellicore roll tracking system, using the world's first radio frequency identification (RFID) enabled cores, customers can automatically identify, track and locate their products at any point in the supply chain.

Radial Crush Tester

Sonoco鈥檚 patented radial crush tester measures the radial strength of paper cores by simulating the pressures applied during the winding processes of rolled products such as plastic films and textiles. Adopted by the Composite Can and Tube Institute as approved test method T-158, Sonoco鈥檚 proven tester is now available to the industry.

Terms & Conditions of Sale

Download our Terms and Conditions of Sale for the U.S. and Canada.

See what Sonoco can do for your business.

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