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  • Closeup on steaming coffee beans


    Offer customers an eye-catching, convenient package that protects products and extends shelf life.

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  • Couple standing in front of the grocery store freezer

    Frozen Foods

    Our frozen foods packaging ranges from bags for flash-frozen produce to frozen dinner trays designed for the freezer, microwave, and oven.

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  • Dried bananas, raisins, nuts, and other snacks mixed together

    Snacks & Nuts

    Packaging that's portable and protective, from easy-open to clear and flexible solutions.

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Reinventing Fresh

Now more than ever, consumers want packages that are easy to open and close quickly and securely.

Sonoco helps you achieve a wide variety of brand strategies through our easy-open/re-close packaging solutions, including SealTab庐 re-close technology and SmartSeal庐 easy-open and re-close systems

SmartSeal庐 Easy Open and Re-Close Systems

Sonoco's SmartSeal technology uses a patented precision-scored easy open and re-close feature. It offers features such as:

  • Tamper evidence
  • High impact rotogravure print
  • Built-in precision scored label and opening
  • Built-in pressure sensitive adhesive and deadened pull tab
  • Controlled peel and reseal
  • Food-grade adhesive
  • High barrier structures available
  • SealTab庐 Technology

    Bag Your Chip Clip

    Many of us have experienced the frantic search for a chip clip, or a chip-clip substitute, after snacking on an open a bag of chips, cookies or crackers. From hair pins and rubber bands to duct tape and paper clips, we鈥檝e used it all 鈥 even going so far as to weigh down chip bags with rocks or shoes 鈥 anything to keep from spilling the product or letting it go stale.
    With SealTab technology, packages are opened from the top, like normal. When the聽consumer is finished eating, the top of the bag can be rolled down and secured with the聽integrated SealTab flap, which is pulled out from the front panel of the package and聽features a resealable adhesive.

    Integrated application

    Unlike typical reclose offerings such as stickers, slider zippers and pressure-closed features, which are often applied at the end of the filling line, SealTab technology requires no application. The reclose feature is integrated into the bag鈥檚 wall using precision laser scoring and a pressure-sensitive adhesive.
    SealTab technology is designed for rotogravure applications, and the shape, size and location of the reclose tab can be modified to accommodate a variety of package formats, including stand-up pouch, pillow bag or quad seal. The tab scoring can also be registered with graphics, maintaining the brand鈥檚 billboard even when reclosed.聽

  • SealTab庐 Consumer Benefits

    SealTab庐 Consumer Benefits

    • On-the-go convenience and portability
    • Simple to understand and use
    • Easy and consistent reclose. Patented, precision-scored tab is integrated into the bag鈥檚 wall, so consumers don鈥檛 have to look for a clip
    • Improved storage convenience. Since the tab length can be modified to accommodate any package height, the bag can be folded multiple times as the product is consumed, resulting in a smaller closed package, without crushing the contents

  • SealTab庐 Brand Benefits

    SealTab庐 Brand Benefits

    • Runs on existing assets. The reclose feature is integrated into the bag鈥檚 wall using a pressure-sensitive adhesive and precision scored with a laser, so the film can run through existing packing equipment, easily integrating into existing manufacturing processes.
    • No application required.
    • Strong brand presence. The tab score can also be registered with graphics, allowing more flexibility and maintaining brand integrity
    • Innovative packaging. Differentiation from others on the aisle
    • Flexible options. The shape, size and location of the reclose feature can be modified to accommodate a variety of package forms, including stand-up pouch, pillow bag or quad seal

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