A value sheet you can depend on.

Protect your products by using FlatStack sheets as:

  • Top covers on pallets
  • Liners on pallets
  • Tier sheets between product layers to improve pallet cube integrity


  • Engineered for consistent performance on automated palletizers聽
  • Designed specifically for this application
  • In-house design and testing capabilities offered

Compared to corrugated sheet:

  • Minimum 5% reduction in weight
  • Minimum 15% material cost savings
  • Lower freight costs鈥攐ver two times more sheets shipped per聽truckload
  • Store five times the amount of sheets per unit of storage

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pallet of paper

FlatStack庐 Tier Sheets

Sheets per Pallet Pallets per Truckload Sheets per Truckload
Corrugate C-Flute 150pt聽 320聽 56 17,920
Corrugate B-Flute 120pt聽 400聽 56 22,400
FlatStack 24pt 2,000聽 21 42,000
FlatStack 30pt 1,600聽 21聽 33,600

Assuming 40"W x 48"L x 48"H

examples of cardboard types
  • Features

    Calipers: 10-45pt
    Design flexibility: square, round or custom corners and/or sizes
    Custom die-cut designs available

  • Sustainability

    Made with 100% recycled fiber
    Minimum 85% post-consumer fibers
    Acceptable in commercial OCC recycling programs
    FSC certification is available (see below)

See the difference.

One pallet of FlatStack tier sheets yields 266 pallet cubes; one pallet of corrugated tier sheets yields only 53 pallet cubes.

image of cubes stacked

FlatStack Ultralight庐: Sonoco's Lightweight Value Offering

As a value-priced alternative to lightweight gypsum and paperboard sheets, FlatStack Ultralight庐 delivers exceptional performance, consistency in quality, and security of supply. When you use FlatStack Ultralight, you鈥檒l know that you can get the quality tier sheet you need, when you need it 鈥 for a value price.聽


  • Engineered for consistent performance聽on automated palletizers
  • Engineered and manufactured聽specifically for this application
  • Technical support for implementation,聽including process modeling
  • Recyclable


Sheets per Pallet

Sheets per Truckload













Assuming 40"W x 48"L sheet size, 22 pallets per truckload.

Locations across North America ensure quick and efficient delivery.


Sonoco is committed to responsible use of natural resources through responsible sourcing, recycling and use of recycled fiber in our paper-based packaging. 聽Sonoco鈥檚 U.S., Canadian, U.K., Brazilian and one of our Mexican mills are certified to one or more fiber certification programs. These are: 聽the Forest Stewardship Council庐 (FSC庐), Sustainable Forestry Initiative庐 (SFI庐) and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification庐 (PEFC庐) Chain of Custody and Due Diligence System Standards. Additionally, we have plants in our composite can packaging, industrial tubes & cores, and primary packaging carton operations that are certified to these programs and can produce certified packaging. Overall sales (certified and not) by these mills and fiber certified plants is equal to 15% of Sonoco鈥檚 revenue.

All but three of our 19 global paperboard mills use 100% recycled fiber in their production. Some amount of responsibly-sourced virgin fiber is needed for select grades of paperboard. The amount of recycled fiber in our composite cans range from 60 to 80+ percent, depending on the product specifications for the package.聽On average, the amount of recycled fiber used in our industrial tubes and cores exceeds 95 percent.

FSC-C011144 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽
SFI-00112 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽聽

logo of forest sustainability companies

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